456"When our son first turned three, we started looking around for a good pre-school in the Sherwood area. My wife and I looked around and found a few places, from there we scheduled walk through tours and speaking with the teachers. We decided the best time to go would be during school hours so that we can see what the students were actually doing. In some of the places the kids were plastered in front of a TV watching videos for the duration, other places didn't seem like they had a ton of activities, etc. When we finally came to Crossridge Montessori the first thing that we noticed was that there weren't any TV's to be found. Instead we saw lots of crafts and activities with excited kids putting together puzzles, making pictures, and having a great time. We knew right there that this was the place for our son. The care and loving manor that Sharon & Rhonda put into our son's education, you could tell that they really had a deep love for the children and years of experience. Our son likes to bounce all over the place, but they were able to impart upon him his love of drawing, coloring, and reading which he still enjoys. A few years later and our daughter is now attending, with our son proud of his alumni role (he still loves to visit and misses his class and teachers). I remember not long ago, when he had a day off from 1st grade he indicated that he wanted to go back to his 'old' school. He even passed up Christmas break at Safari Sam's in favor of going back to his old school. With a new child due this summer we look forward to having a third alumni for the Crossridge Montessori school in the future."
~Anthony & Jennifer Swanson


65464"We feel incredibly lucky to have found Crossridge Montessori. Both Sharon and Rhonda are warm, loving teachers who get excited about each and every accomplishment the children make... big or small! They are so encouraging and show so much love and compassion for all the children. My kids have blossomed there and I will be very sad when I don't have anymore children there. The kids gain confidence through doing the "works" and picking their jobs. The kids almost become a little family and care for each other as they are taught to respect and love one another. The kids work out their differences, which provides a valuable lesson on being socially responsible at a very young age. I highly and strongly recommend this school to anyone thinking about preschool. We are so fortunate to have been a part of the school for the past 3 years and look forward to a couple more years here. You will not find more devoted teachers and a loving atmosphere for your children than at Crossridge Montessori.
~Jason & Kim Buelt


654654"I am writing to tell you what a truly amazing preschool you have at Sherwood Christian Montessori! Our son was there for just one year, and words cannot express how great of an experience he had. I am amazed at how much he learned - he can read, write, and do math. He even learned some Japanese and Spanish! The Christmas, Mother's Day, and graduation performances you helped the children put on still make my heart big when I think of them. On top of it all, our son LOVED to go to school there. I wish he could still be a student at Sherwood Christian Montessori. I am very confident that his upcoming year in Kindergarten will be nothing short of a success though, all thanks to the loving dedication of your teachers."
~Mark & Jerilyn Wernet