August 2017 Newletter

With September just around the corner, we are preparing for the coming school year. I look forward to seeing everyone again, and hearing about the fun things the children did this summer.

Enclosed is the list of supplies your child will need to start the school year, a school calendar, Parental Authorization form, a Daily Schedule, and the Student Information form (please make sure to fill out both sides). Important: Make sure to let me know if your child has any allergies or fears (sensitive to loud noises, afraid of dogs or lightning, etc). I will give you the immunization form and parent handbook at the time of your child's orientation or first day of school.

Dates to remember:

Parent/Child Orientation – August 21 – September 1

I will be calling this week to arrange a time for orientation with new students. This is a special time for children and parents new to Crossridge Montessori to become familiar with the school, and the morning routine. Each child will meet separately with me for about thirty minutes in the classroom. Your child will not only become better acquainted with his/her teacher but also with the activities in the classroom. Parents are asked to remain at school during this meeting but to be as much in the background as your child is comfortable. It is okay for you to bring a book or magazine.

Orientation is a good time to bring school supplies, and any forms you have filled out. This will help to reduce some of the chaos of the first day.

Although not required, sometimes it is a good idea for a returning student to visit the classroom, and get ready for the transition back into the school.

First day of school – Tuesday September 5.

If you take some cute pictures of the children at any of the school activities, please share them with us. We have parents who may not be able to come to all the activities because of their work. You can email the pictures, or burn them on a cd, and I can pass them around.

Please note the school's email address, and telephone number in the letterhead. Please feel free to email me at any time if you have any ideas, information, comments, or concerns. I will take phone calls on my cell till 9pm, but you can text me anytime.

I pray that all of you have had a wonderful summer.

For His Glory,

Sharon Brookens

Crossridge Montessori