A nurturing environment where children develop a love of learning and a love for Christ. Crossridge Montessori is a great choice when you want to prepare your child for elementary school. Our students are able to move on to either kindergarten or first grade fully prepared with the language, arithmetic and science, as well as spiritual and social skills they will need. See what parents are saying here.




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for the 2017-2018 school year.

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Crossridge Montessori is fully licensed by the Children's Services Department of the state of Oregon. We pass an annual inspection of our building, classroom, play area, and health and safety issues. Our permanent staff is qualified through the state of Oregon, and we have membership in the Oregon Montessori Association. You can be sure your child will receive the best care possible. If you have any questions about our liscenscing feel free to contact us via email or phone at 503.625.7758.



Our school is kept small intentionally. We maintain a maximum of 20 students at any one time. Consequently, we may fill our population limits quickly. It is advisable to secure a place for your child as early as possible.



Crossridge Montessori offers a wide variety of schedules, including three, four and five day programs, plus before and after school care to fit your needs. We also have different tuition options which you can see here. For more information on our programs please email us using the link or call us at 503.625.7758.


The Montessori Environment:

The Montessori classroom is a structured environment designed to put children at ease. It is geared to the size, interest and pace of the children. In an atmosphere of order and discipline, the children have the freedom to move about the classroom ,working at their own pace, doing things for themselves while respecting others.

Three to six year old children work together in the same environment, providing the younger children with a graded series of role models for imitation. The older children gain confidence and master skills by teaching their younger peers. You can find out how learning is achived at Crossridge Montessori in our Learning section.




Sharon Brookens

Lead Teacher 


Rhonda Hannon

Lead Teacher