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 We have a lot of things going on at Crossridge Montessori School.  Please review the monthly newsletters to keep aprised of upcoming events and school cosures. You may also view our annual calendar here 2017-2018 Calendar. 

October 2017 Newsletter

Preschool and Kindergarten

23550 S.W. Pine St. Sherwood, OR 97140



October Newsletter 2017


It is October already! We are having fun learning and sharing in the classroom. There are many fun events coming up, so here is some information to help you get ready.


On October 2nd we will officially start to have Sharing Time during the second group time before lunch. See your parent file for guidelines or ask Sharon and Rhonda for more information. Your child may bring sharing on any day of the week that is convenient for you. It may be a good idea to pick a day of the week that your child will always bring their sharing.  Please talk to your child about what s/he will say when sharing.


Wednesday, October 11th, will be Picture Day. Send your student in picture clothes, and if needed, some clothes to change into afterwards. Coming soon will be a form for you to fill out for Picture Day and return as soon as possible so that we will be ready when the photographer comes. If your child doesn't usually attend school on Wednesdays I will make sure they are the first ones in line, and hopefully we will get the group shot finished early. If you are available that Wednesday, we could use some help to keep the morning organized and fun.


Classroom Observations and Parent Conferences - Watch for sign-up sheets (beside the parent file) to schedule a time for each.


-The week of October 16 -20, parents will have an opportunity to visit the school and observe the children while they are working. This will be a good time for you to see how your child interacts with the other children and the materials in the classroom. Take notes of any questions you may have for the conference the next week.


-The following week, October 23 - 27, parents can schedule a time to discuss your child’s progress, and ask any questions you may have with the teacher.  


After the trip to the apple orchard last week we had fun making applesauce, and this week we will  read  about Johnny Appleseed.


On October 25th we will be adventuring to Koch Family Farm for pumpkins and fun. The trip includes small animals, a hay ride and maze, and pumpkin harvest. We will leave the school at 9:00 am. You can meet us at the farm around 9:45 if you would like. Watch for a field trip sheet with information about cost and a map. (It will be in your parent file soon.)


We are a small school and would appreciate help purchasing snack foods and other necessary supplies. At the beginning of each month I will post a donation list on the bulletin board behind the door. Please initial any items you donate, to keep the list up to date through the month. Several copies of the list will be set beside the parent file for you to take, mark, and use as a reminder. Thank you for your help.


In the classroom there are some Crossridge Montessori brochures to pass out to any parents looking for a school. If you refer the school to someone and their child comes to our school, we will give you a $100 credit on your tuition.

Crossridge Montessori is on Facebook. Look us up when you get a chance, then like us, and follow us.


On the horizon:


No School

We do not have school on Friday, November 10th for Veteran's Day, and we have Thanksgiving week off as well (November 21st -25th)


We also have stone soup coming up November 15th.


It is going to be a great year.


For His Glory,

Sharon Brookens

Crossridge Montessori

November 2017 Newsletter

Preschool and Kindergarten

23550 S.W. Pine St. Sherwood, OR 97140



November 2017 Notes


School will be closed -

    Friday, November 10th, for Veterans Day.

    The week of the November 20-24, for Thanksgiving.


This weekend is when Standard time starts and clocks are set back one hour. Time changes are very disruptive for children, and they may need a little more sleep than usual as they adjust.


One of my favorite books to read to the children at Thanksgiving time is 'Stone Soup'. It is a classic story about the benefits of having a willingness to share with others and working together for a common goal. This year we will make stone soup on Thursday, November 15th. Each child can sign up to bring a favorite vegetable to add to the soup. All the children are invited to come that morning and parents and grandparents are invited to join us for the feast at (12pm) with the children. Parents can sign up to bring a salad, rolls, or dessert. Some children enjoy making the soup, but not interested in eating very much of the soup. You may want to send a lunch if there is any question of how much he/she will eat. The sign up sheets can be found on the shelve as you enter the school.


To help you be prepared for when winter comes, I will put a sheet in your parent file explaining school closure because of snow and ice. I will usually send a text messages to parents to confirm closure. Even though Sherwood School District and our school may be open, please evaluate the road conditions where you live.

Turkey Images - Public Domain Pictures - Page 1

Thank you for your help in providing snacks for the children.


I pray that all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family.


For His Glory,

Sharon Brookens

December 2017 Newsletter

Crossridge Montessori

Preschool and Kindergarten

23550 S.W. Pine St. Sherwood, OR 97140




2017 December Notes

I pray that all of you had a great Thanksgiving. Christmas is just around the corner, and I wanted to let you know of activities scheduled for December. Mark your calendars:



Thursday, December 14th: In the morning will be pajama and stuffed animal day.  (Bring some extra clothes in case your child gets tired of wearing pajamas.)

Thursday, December 14th at 6:00 pm: Christmas program and a potluck of finger food and dessert.

The children need to meet in the classroom by 5:45 to get ready for the program.

The potluck will follow the program.

Sign up for food, help setting up before, and help cleaning afterward.

Your help is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing all of our students at the program with their families.


Friday, December 15th: ALL children are invited for pajama, stuffed animal, and game day.

  • Your child may bring a favorite board or card game. (please help your child understand that he/ she will be sharing with all the children in the classroom.)

  • Your child may wear pajamas and bring a favorite stuffed animal. (Bring some extra clothes in case your child gets tired of wearing pajamas.)

  • We will be making sugar cone Christmas trees. Bring your child's favorite candy to share with the class.

  • Let us know if you would like to help with Christmas tree making.

  • Last day of school before Christmas Break.


Monday, January 2nd, 2017: Class will resume.


We will not have sharing in December so that we can practice for the program.


Merry Christmas from Sharon and Rhonda.